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Established in Cape Town in 2004

Rohde Roofing works with products from Rheinzink, an alloy of top-quality zinc with a purity of 99.995% combined with specific quantities of titanium and copper. This is used to build zinc roofs and façades that exude excellence and prestige.

Zinc roofing has a pleasing, timeless appearance with long life and minimal maintenance. It’s also cost-effective and versatile which allows itself to be used in creative and modern ways as well as traditional.

The benefits of zinc roofing

Zinc is durable and makes roofs that require very little maintenance allowing it to last for over a century. This metal is resistant to rust, corrosion and moisture thanks to its patina, a natural protective layer that forms on zinc. This layer also allows the zinc to self-repair from scratches, nicks and environment damage.

It’s environment-friendly right from the production stages. Zinc has a much lower melting point compared to other metals, so less energy is used to create roof panels. Zinc is also entirely recyclable and doesn’t lose its quality when reused. To top it all off, this metal also has a non-toxic run off that keeps the toxicity levels very low.

This material is also very mouldable and makes good looking roofs. Zinc is naturally dark grey and metallic that is beautiful on its own, however, various colours and styles are available to fit your house or building. That is why architects, developers and zinc roof contractors continually choose Rheinzink. It’s a timeless material that can be used to make any unique or traditional roof.

  • Resistant to rust, corrosion and moisture.
  • Self-repair and low maintenance.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Entirely recyclable.
  • Looks good with modern and traditional roofs.

Rohde Roofing – Your zinc roofing contractor
Zinc roofing can work on any home or building. If you want to find out how zinc can solve your roofing needs, then contact us and we can help answer your questions, inspire ideas, and give you a quote.

Alexander Forbes

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